Jockey Wheels

A jockey wheel is an accessory you attach to the front of your caravan near the hitch. The purpose of a jockey wheel is to maneuver or “jockey” the caravan into a proper position when attaching it to your motor vehicle. It gives you the ability to maneuver the caravan by a couple of inches without needing to be in the perfect position to connect the hitch and ball.

Jockey wheels usually consist of a pneumatic tire or solid rubber tire. Some caravan owners prefer the pneumatic tire because it is softer and filled with air. As a result, it is easier for the tire to roll and support more weight, especially on softer ground. But if you need to maneuver the caravan on a harder surface, you’d be better off with the solid rubber tire.

DKN Leisure Supplies offers a vast range of caravan jockey wheel products. For instance, you can find both pneumatic wheels and solid rubber wheels available. Some people prefer both jockey wheels to prepare themselves to maneuver on hard and soft surfaces. Since our jockey wheels are inexpensive, it wouldn’t cost much to buy both types anyway.

Our inventory of jockey wheel products include:

  • 48mm Smooth Shaft Caravan Jockey Wheel
  • 48mm Shaft Ribbed Caravan Jockey Wheel (500kg)
  • Maypole 429A Steel Wheel for MP433
  • 48mm Shaft Ribbed Caravan Jockey Wheel (250kg)
  • 48mm (Smooth) Caravan Jockey Wheel
  • 48mm Shaft Caravan Jockey Wheel (400kg)

Pay attention to the maximum nose weight in kilograms. Make sure the jockey wheel you choose can handle the weight of your caravan.

Do you need help choosing the right jockey wheel for your caravan? If so, contact our supply team at 01384 253337 or email us at We’ll try to point you in the right direction.

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Showing all 6 results