Flat Hose and Reels

Traditional garden hoses are round and easily susceptible to punctures and kinks. Think about how many times you twisted your round garden hose and had to spend several minutes straightening it out. Wouldn’t you like a better alternative?

DKN Leisure Supplies offers flat garden hoses as a suitable alternative. Flat garden hoses are designed to be lightweight and resistant to punctures and kinks. That means you don’t have to worry as much about getting holes in the hose or spending a lot of time untangling it. Instead, you can spend less than a minute straightening out the flat hose as you bring the head to the proper destination.

Our flat garden hose products are non-toxic and include a jet hose end, spare tap adaptor. These hose attachments are suitable for people who travel in a caravan, boat, or motorhome. But if you want to use the flat garden hose at a standard-built home, you will find that it easily connects to most outdoor faucets on houses. As long as there is a hose lock type connection, our hoses should connect to it without any issues.

Do you need a reel for your flat garden hose? One more additional benefit to a flat garden hose is that you can wind it up on a reel without getting it tangled. We sell hose reels separately or with the hose included. If you don’t have a flat garden hose already and would like a reel included with it, consider purchasing our hose and reel combination products.

Would you like to contact DKN Leisure Supplies with your questions or comments? Contact us at 01384 253337 or email us at [email protected].

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