Awnings & Tents

When you go traveling in your caravan, you will spend a lot of time outside next to it for eating and relaxing. However, you might want some shade over your head to stay cool and protect yourself from the sunlight on a hot day. That is why awnings are such valuable accessories to have available for your caravan wherever you go.

An awning typically attaches to the side of a caravan. It is a sheet of canvas material stretched using a solid frame.

First, you need to purchase the right awning supplies. DKN Leisure Supplies is one of the leading caravan awning suppliers in the UK. We have a variety of awning accessories available to assist with setting up and using your awning effectively. These accessories include:

  • Awning lamps
  • Awning tent pegs set
  • Awning rubber ladders
  • Awning fabric cleaner
  • Maypole caravan wheel cover
  • Converter power

DKN Leisure Supplies maintains affordable prices on all our caravan awning supplies. We make it fast and easy for customers to purchase these supplies through our website and have them shipped to their UK address for free. There is also an option to pay extra for fast delivery. It all depends on how soon you plan to leave on your trip.

Do you have questions about our motorhome awning products? email us at [email protected] to get answers to your questions.

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Showing all 5 results